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"The potential for you is to learn from my successes and failures".

Over the years, I have held different jobs, positions and roles. My current role (and for the past couple of years) has been as a developer. I work for a professional services organization who want to create software to give them a unique and competitive place in the market. For me this is a great opportunity since it has forced me to learn, adapt and understand the principles of working with methodologies such as Agile and allowed me to focus on personal growth. So, why start Codesharper? Like a lot of people I have an incredible collection of books, post-it notes, scraps of paper and code snippets etched on to the inside of my right thigh (!). Can I ever find what I need when I need it? Of course not! So, this blog is primarily a place to store code, thoughts and anything else that might be helpful for me again in the future. The potential for you, is to read about my mistakes, lessons learned and discoveries throughout my journey to being a better developer. Hopefully you might learn something as well (or at the very least, have a laugh at my expense).

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Paul Davey

Founder & Developer
Paul currently works for a consultancy firm and is responsible for architecting a global analytics and reporting platform, providing strategy, and management of the development roadmap and software development team.

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