Example presentation created using the Codesharper PowerPoint Helper Library

If you don’t know about the CodeSharper PowerPoint Helper Library, then go and take a look! I have created a demonstration PowerPoint Presentation using the library. It is included in the GitHub repository, however, if you want to just check out the demo presentation, then click here.

The example provides a demonstration of the following functionality:

  • Open an existing PowerPoint presentation file (a template in our case)
  • Clone existing slides
  • Add Textboxes with text
  • Format textboxes
  • Create complex shapes such as arrows and stars
  • Create a 3D chart with title and add custom data to it
  • Add a picture to a slide
  • Export slides as PNG images
  • Save the PowerPoint presentation
  • Close a PowerPoint presentation
  • Close the PowerPoint application

The code to create the above can be found in the program.cs included in the source code on GitHub.