SDD Conference 2015 – Day Two Review



It was my second day at the conference today (Wednesday 13th May). During the day I attended multiple sessions, which I will discuss below


IMG_2644Session: Day Session 1

Title: 3 Ways Roslyn Will Change Your Life

Speaker: Kathleen Dollard (@KathleenDollard)

Having sat through Kathleens talk yesterday on C#6.0 changes, I was interested to find out her thoughts around Roslyn. The talk covered 3 core topics, however, the one that really resonated with me was the ability to write my own analyzers and get them plugged in to Visual Studio and my projects. We have all used Resharper (haven’t we?) and seen the squiggly lines, the help and finally the offered fix. Imagine writing your own! It looked pretty easy but we did run through a simple example. Definitely something to keep and eye on and investigate when I get some free time! Thanks for a great talk Kathleen.



IMG_2652Session: Day Session 2

Title: Simplifying thread-safe code with concurrent data structures

Speaker: Andy Clymer (@andrewclymer) & Richard Blewett (aka Code Monkey)

I sat through one of the Rock Solid Knowledge sessions last year and it was really useful. At the moment I’m working with some pretty sophisticated code that needs to be refactored to make use of parallel working and multiple threads, so this talk was perfect for me. Lots of code, lots of detail, plenty of laughs (Andy, you appear to have been working on your jokes!) and some audience participation. What I really like about the session was that we started with a simple scenario, discovered a problem with it and fixed it using multi threading and concurrent collections. Fantastic! Following this format makes learning so much easier, so please, stick to it guys! Again, a brilliant session. Keep up the good work Andy & Richard!



IMG_2656Session: Day Session 3

Title: High Performance NoSQL Technqiues

Speaker: Michael Kennedy (@MKennedy)

Having sat through the presentation on NoSQL yesterday, it made sense to sit through this one today. Michael discussed the different use cases for document databases, and therefore, the correct NoSQL database for each case. It was interesting to see a real life scenario modelled for an RDBMS database vs a document database (document database is a lot simplar I can assure you). A good proof point that people should consider a NoSQL database rather than just plumping straight for a relational database. Interesting to hear that the data coming in from the Hadron collidor gets pushed into MongoDB, as well as a lot of the data that Walmart capture and process. A few main takeaway point was to design your document model correctly at the start. Michael has some excellent courses on DevelopMentor so if you are interested in NoSQL and scalable document databases go check them out!






Unfortunately I didn’t attend the 4th session of the day. Did any of you? Any feedback or comments?