SDD Conference 2015 – Day Three Review



It was my last day at the conference today (Thursday 14th May). During the day I attended multiple sessions, which I will discuss below


IMG_2665Session: Day Session 1

Title: Living Happily with the GC

Speaker: Richard Blewett & Andy Clymer (@andrewclymer)

Another Rock Solid Knowledge session. I just cant get enough of these guys sessions. The session covered off how the garbage collector works and how we can positvely and negatively affect it. I guess like many I just expect it to ‘do its thing’ but now I have better understanding of how I can affect its behaviour it will change some of my coding patterns. For instance, I had no idea that the garbage collector collects differently in debug mode vs release mode. As always there was plenty of examples through coding and audience participation. Thanks for a very informative session guys!





IMG_2675Session: Day Session 2

Title: Better Code, Better Debugging

Speaker: Kathleen Dollard (@KathleenDollard)

Debugging is obviously something we do everyday (and some more than others). I had hopes that this session would educate me on approach and perhaps call out some techniques or tools that I wasnt already aware of. I wasn’t dissappointed. Kathleen talked about the scientific method (I’ll be doing some more reading on that) and how we can approach debugging in different ways. A lot of her points rang true for me and I believe that changing my approach will definately make my life easier! She discussed how we should write a unit test each time we have to fix a big. I know people that amend their unit tests instead of creating another test. Don’t! Write a new one and don’t risk breaking your coverage pattern. She also talked about EventSource and SLAB, two things that I had never heard of. I’ll be investigating those fully in the near future. Kathleen, thanks for a great session – it’s up there at the top of my list from this conference.








IMG_2678Session: Day Session 3

Title: Concurrency using Functional Patterns in C#

Speaker: Oliver Sturm (@Olivers)

I saw a presentation by Oliver last year and was interested to see this one. Parallel programmng is something that we all need to be more concerned with these days so this talk seemed like an obvious choice for me. With CPUs having more cores and machines having more CPUs as developers it would be a shame to not use this right? Oliver covered off the changes in cores and cpu’s and pointed out a very valid point – if you dont parallelize your applications, they cant take advantage of all this additional power. So why buy these bigger CPUs in the first place? Oliver took us through a very simple project before moving the code on to a more optimized version.This optimized version could then be easily modified to use these multiple cores using parallel processing methods. A simple demonstration for what can be a complex topic. Thanks for the explanations and presentation oliver.