I tripped, stumbled and landed up in software development through pure interest and the need to innovate. Its frustrating to find out that what you really need simply isn’t out there. So, the options? Whine about it or do something about it?

I enjoy coding in C# (I actually started in vb.net) and through engagements with other developers I have discovered some excellent processes and tools, some of which I will discuss on this site and demonstrate. However, I have also discovered lots of things that aren’t so good. I won’t mention them here.

What do I like?

  • Agile development – none of this slow motion, waterfall, fashioned from granite stuff your grandad did
  • C# – versatile, proven and long standing
  • Castle Project – so much for so little – dependency injection at its best
  • Jetbrains Resharper – whats that? Seriously..
  • Jetrains YouTrack – the best issue tracker there is
  • Jetbrains TeamCity – continuous build integration.
  • DevExpress components – if you need it they have it
  • Xamarin – developing for IOS and Android in c#. Hell yeah!
  • RedGate – .Net Reflector, ANTS Profiler, Smart Assembly
  • Microsoft Azure – a great hosting platform
  • MS Visual Studio 2013 – the best of breed IDE. There is no other like it
  • Coffee – black, white, sugar, however, whenever, but lots of it
  • Family Guy – I aspire to be Peter Griffin (even though some coworkers have beat me to it!)
  • Playing Guitar – acoustic and elctric, blues, rock, pop, covers and my own material

Want to talk?

Then feel free to contact me directly at paul.davey@codesharper.co.uk