SDD Conference 2016 – A Look Back at Day 3

       It’s my last day at this years SDD Conference. Time flies when you are having a great time and learning some cool stuff. Laptop & tea? Check. Lets get on with it!   A Security Testers Toolbox – Niall Merrigan Twitter: The “don’t try this at home kids, GCHQ will come knocking on[…]

SDD Conference 2015 – Day Three Review

  It was my last day at the conference today (Thursday 14th May). During the day I attended multiple sessions, which I will discuss below   Session: Day Session 1 Title: Living Happily with the GC Speaker: Richard Blewett & Andy Clymer (@andrewclymer) Another Rock Solid Knowledge session. I just cant get enough of these[…]

PowerPoint Helper Class now available through NuGet

Hi All, I’m pretty happy with the current version of the PowerPoint Helper library. I can see a need for lots of additional functionality, such as hyperlinks in text, bullet points, trendlines on charts etc, but for the minute the PowerPoint Helper Library is still useful. So, I have taken the time to make it[…]